Institute of Leadership & Management - Level 7 Coaching Supervisor Qualification 

Working as a Coach Supervisor is a fantastic and fulfilling role and we at Personal Summits are here to help you achieve that! 
This ILM Qualification provides practicing coaches with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as coaching supervisors cascading value throughout the organisation that seeks to uphold a coaching culture. 
Who is this qualification for? 
This qualification aims to provide anyone with responsibility for supporting coaching staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as coaching supervisors. Coaches need supervision and increasingly corporate clients and procurement specialists are making evidence of regular supervision part of their quality assurance process. A supervisor is a more experienced coach who: 
Helps you benchmark your practice against best practice 
Works through ethical dilemmas with you 
Brings a perspective about the quality of the coaching practice 
It is designed to develop your capability as a support and guidance to develop other coaches or mentors. Using the tools learnt and practiced on the course you will achieve engagement of coaching staff, ownership and insight into personal development and transformational change of those that you coach or mentor 
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What does a supervisor do? 
This is not an exhaustive set of areas, but is likely to include: 
Clear Contracting and creating a working alliance, including help with multi-party contracting where appropriate 
Establishing good boundaries 
Enhancing reflection when working with content and process 
Attending to the coach’s personal development; opening up new areas of competence for the coach 
Deepening coaching presence 
Building the coach's internal supervisor 
Offering new perspectives to the coach 
Increasing the coach’s range of interventions and tools 
Being sensitive to the coach’s learning style 
Bringing in aspects of coaching psychology as appropriate 
Working with Parallel Process 
Giving constructive feedback 
Offering experiments and applications through which the coach can learn 
Working systemically – with the coach, the client and the wider field 
Ensuring that standards and ethics are maintained 
The Programme  
Tutorial support and coaching supervision whilst you are completing the required elements is provided depending on need and experience to fit arouund your working diary with a blend of guided learning, coaching practice and a final portfolio submission. Candidates are introduced to a range of supervision coaching tools and techniques as well as assessments to encourage reflective practice. Skills and knowledge learned in the tutorials are further developed with actual supervision coaching in the workplace. Woven into this is a work-based portfolio structured around capturing evidence your supervision coaching. 
The 3 mandatory units are: 
8590-700 Understanding the Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching Supervision of Coaches 
8590-701 Undertaking Effective Coaching Supervision of Coaches 
8590-703 Reflecting on Your Ability to Perform Effectively as a Coaching Supervisor of Coaches 
* Participants are expected to plan and undertake Coaching with 20 hours recorded coaching with min 5 to max 10 clients. At least one of the sessions will be supervised or recorded for supervision purposes.. 
Open Course Dates:  
Equivalent 4 day Programme: 
Open dates - tailored to suit distant learning 
ILM has an excellent track record of robust qualifications. Their assessment methodology is diligent and thorough. This level 7 qualification has three assessment methodologies all of which must be completed to the standards and satisfaction of the ILM Assessor and External Verifier. 
Training Venue 
The course is remotely based. 
Cost Per Person 
£5000 plus VAT 
Assignment & Portfolio 
A Coaching Diary with records of coaching sessions and reflections 
A Personal Development Plan and Reflective Log 
Academic Supervision 
There are a minimum of 3 supervision sessions attached to the programme. These are designed to support the guided learning that the participants receive on the tutorials and to support the completion of the assessed elements.  
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