Posts from June 2017

It is quite a mistake to suppose that we must restrict and stint ourselves in order to 
develop greater power or usefulness. This is to form the conception of the Divine Power 
as so limited that the best use we can make of it is by a policy of self-starvation, whether 
material or mental. Of course, if we believe that some form of self-starvation is 
necessary to our producing good work, then so long as we entertain this belief the fact 
actually is so for us. “Whatsoever is not of faith”- that is, not in accordance with our 
honest belief - “is sin”; and by acting contrary to what we really believe we bring in a 
suggestion of opposition to the Divine Spirit, which must necessarily paralyze our efforts, 
and surround us with a murky atmosphere of distrust and want of joy... 
By Thomas Troward 
As taken from Your Hidden Power 
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